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Enrica Cenzatti-Musician, Song Producer and Ex-Wife of Andrea Bocelli

Enrica Cenzatti-Musician, Song Producer and Ex-Wife of Andrea Bocelli

May 25, 2023

Enrica Cenzatti is a top-famous and beloved Italian woman who made her name in singing. She has not only mesmerizing voice but is also a record producer musician and operatic tenor. She is a successful woman with having Italian name which means “Home Ruler.”

She has two sons but unfortunately, she got divorced. But she again fell in love with her ex-husband for his talent and supported him through his struggle and stardom. So, if you were also interested to know about her age and biography, then you have come to the right place. 

Enrica Cenzatti Wikipedia

Name Enrica Cenzatti
Profession Songwriter, Record Producer, Musician
Age 54 years
Date of Birth March 26, 1969
Birth Place Pisa, Italy
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries

Interesting Facts

Enrica Cenzatti
Enrica Cenzatti, Andrea Bocelli, and their kid
  • Enrica Cenzatti is an Italian woman
  • Italian birthplace for Enrica. She was born and raised in Pisa, where she also finished her education.
  • Enrica Cenzatti is renowned as Andrea Bocelli’s first wife
  • While still a struggling artist, Enrica met Andrea at an Italian tavern. While Bocelli was 29 years old, she was only 17 years old.
  • After dating for five years, they got hitched on June 27, 1992. 
  • Bocelli’s charmer is Enrica Cenzatti
  • Andrea’s career flourished after getting married to Enrica. He had a successful career. Due to Enrica’s introversion and dislike of media attention, their relationship soured. Cenzatti and Bocelli eventually got divorced.

Enrica Cenzatti Age, Childhood, and Education

On March 26, 1969, Enrica was born in Italy. Regarding Cenzatti’s early years or any information regarding her parents and siblings, there are no documents or revelations.  She did, however, spend the majority of her youth in Pisa, Italy, where she also finished high school.


Enrica Cenzatti
Enrica Cenzatti ex-husband, Andrea Bocelli

The only partner Enrica has been known to date is Andrea Bocelli because she does not open up much about her personal life to the public.  In Italy, where Andrea Bocelli used to play the piano for a living, Enrica and Bocelli happened to meet there. Enrica was only 17 years old and enrolled in high school at the time, while Bocelli was a 29-year-old law student.

Andrea gave up his studies after they first met and fell in love, and he started playing the piano to pay tenor Franco Corelli for his tuition.

Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Andrea Bocelli (m. 1992-2002)
Father Update Soon
Mother Update Soon
Brother Update Soon
Children Amos Bocelli

Matteo Bocelli


Enrica concentrated all of her attention on her two sons after the divorce after dedicating her life to helping Andrea through his hardships and stardom. Both of her sons are now employed in the music profession, having taken after their father.

Amos Bocelli

Amos Bocelli, her eldest child. Born on February 22, 1995, Amos. He turned 28 this year and started playing music very young. The fact that Amos holds a Bachelor of Art in piano from the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali L. Boccherini suggests that he shares his father’s passion for the instrument.

Virginia Bocelli

None of Enrica Cenzatti’s daughters exist. However, her ex-husband and his second spouse, Veronica Berti, have a daughter together, named Virginia.  Virginia, who was born in 2012, is as endearing as a little child can be. Her stepbrothers also cherish her.

Enrica Cenzatti Career

Enrica Cenzatti

Cenzatti has not discussed her professional history, nor have any of her prominent family members. She is solely recognized as Andrea Bocelli’s first wife. She does absolutely no good by keeping her personal affairs private.

But given that she and her ex-husband split custody of their son, it is safe to assume that she was a full-time mother who gave her children her undivided attention and dedicated her life to raising them. 

Enrica Cenzatti Net Worth

Enrica Cenzatti’s background is not widely known, hence it is difficult to determine whether she has ever been associated with any companies. Therefore, determining her yearly income or current net worth is difficult. 

However, as of 2020, her ex-husband, who has 15 solo studio albums, including pop and classical music, three record albums, nine operas, and more than 90 million records sold, has a net worth of USD 100 million. 

Social Media Accounts of  Enrica Cenzatti

It is obvious that Cenzatti does not enjoy being in the spotlight from the fallout of her ten-year marriage to her renowned husband brought on by media and public attention.

Enrica Cenzatti instagram

Even though Enrica is not available on Instagram, her sons post her time and again on their accounts.

You can follow Amos as @amosbocelli and Matteo as @matteobocelli 


Enrica Cenzatti

Q: Who is Enrica Cenzatti? 

 Enrica Cenzatti is an Italian woman who was married to the famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Q: When did Enrica Cenzatti marry Andrea Bocelli? 

 Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli got married in 1992.

Q: Did Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli have children together? 

 Yes, Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli have two children together: a son named Amos and a daughter named Matteo.

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