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Laura Kucera Wiki-The Full Story of Her Kidnapping and Death

Laura Kucera Wiki-The Full Story of Her Kidnapping and Death

Apr 10, 2023

Laura Kucera became popular when news related to her brutal association attempt went viral on news channels. This 20-year-old girl was abducted, shot thrice, and still survived. The most regretful thing about the incident is that she was shot by her 22-year-old boyfriend who once swore to god that he would protect her at any cost. 

It is true that every romance does not come to a joyful conclusion or have a happy climax in any way. It has become quite a fashion nowadays that lovers slay their own people with whom they have committed love. 

However, some peculiar news generates a lot of social media buzz. The murder case of Laura serves as a prime example. The news media covered the story of her kidnapping and death. But what was the reason that led to that awkward situation?

In this article, we will unfold the truth regarding Laura’s story and how his tale inspired the OTP platform Netflix to produce a movie Only Mine” on her story.

Name Laura Jean Kucera
Nickname Laura Kucera
Age at the Time of Death 20 years
Date of Birth August 17, 1975
Birth Place Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska
Date of Death September 13, 1995
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Leo

Who is Laura Kucera?

Laura Kucera
Laura Kucera

Laura Jean Kucera was born in Columbus Platte County, Nebraska, United States. She was born on August 17, 1979. She was the daughter of David Kucera and Mary Kucera. Laura grew up alongside two sisters, Sabrina and Dorothy. She also had five brothers named Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick.

Amber Midthunder Julie plays the role of Laura in Netflix’s Only Mine.

Laura attended Wakefield High School. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Wayne State College. Unfortunately, she died before graduating from college because of her affair with Brian. She was 20 years old at the time of death. 

What happened to Laura Kucera? 

A pretty young woman named Laura had to deal with a terrible circumstance. Before her tragic and fatal story gained attention, people had never heard of such attacks. She got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Anderson because of an argument they had before he decided to kidnap her.

The assailant who shot and left Laura to die in a ditch in 1995 was Brian Anderson. Until Brian had a change of heart and helped the police find her body, she had lain comatose in a ditch for four days. Fortunately, she was able to survive the gunfire and, after spending 51 days in the hospital, regain her hand function. Laura struggled to walk once more during therapy.

In short, Laura was forcibly abducted on October 1, 1994, in Wakefield, Nebraska. She had two gunshot wounds to the back of her head and one to the shoulder. The Ex-boyfriend of Laura, Brian Anderson, left her for dead. Brian afterward had a change of heart and directed the police to the crime scene.

Movie on Laura Kucera

Laura Kucera
Only Mine-Netflix film based on the story of Laura Kucera

Laura Kucera’s story was converted into a film, Only Mine. The movie was added to Netflix‘s list. In the movie, Jullie Dillon was cast to play the lead role of Laura. Jullie Dillon’s story is based on the events surrounding the life, kidnapping, and death of Laura. The film started streaming on Netflix in 2019. 

Is Laura Kucera alive?

A scene from Netflix’s Only Mine is based on Laura Kucera’s story.

Where is Laura Kucera? This is a common question query asked on the internet today, regrettably, she is no longer with us. One year after surviving the head and shoulder shots, she passed away. It’s an absurd reality that after surviving and enduring so much she was traveling to see her grandma, Laura was killed in a vehicle accident. 

Laura Kucera’s real pics are those clicked in 1995. Today, real pics of Laura are hard to find because most pics present on the internet are of the actor who played the character of Laura Kucera in the movie, “Only Mine”

Marital Status Single
Father David Kucera
Mother Mary Kucera
Siblings Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick (brothers)

Sabrina and Dorothy (sisters)

Laura Kucera’s quick facts

Laura Kucera
The female lead, Amber Midthunder Julie playing the role of Laura Kucera in Netflix’s film, “Only Mine”
  1. When was Laura Kucera born? She was born on August 17, 1975.
  2. How old was Laura when she died? She was 20 years old at the time of death. 
  3. What happened to Laura? She was shot twice by his ex-boyfriend Brian Anderson.
  4. When did Laura die? She died in September 1995 in a car accident.
  5. What happened to Laura Kucera’s shooter? He was sentenced to 125 years life in prison.
  6. What was Laura Kucera’s boyfriend’s name? The name of her boyfriend is Brian Anderson.
  7. Did Laura get justice? The court system ensured that she got justice because her shooter was handed a 125-year jail sentence for the crime. 

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